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Wordle of my PhD thesis

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My PhD Thesis. Zinc accumulation and its effects on herbivory and competitive ability in metallicolous populations of Rumex acetosa.


I handed in my PhD thesis good and proper on the 12/06/2012. That’s 4 years, 6 months and 5 days since I started. Im glad I was a fully BBSRC student for 4 years!! No fanfare, just a hefty printing and binding bill, that I wont get back from uni until Iv conquered the new expenses system. There was more excitement about handing in the soft copy really, and since I think my internal examiner was impressed enough by my detailed list of my own corrections, and the easy to find format of the examiner’s corrections, the final version was not that a big deal.

Its surprising easy to forget the title and spelling of your thesis though when you haven’t looked at it for a month, and then have to tell the binders what it is… hmmm goldfish memory strikes again!

Will put pics of it up in a bit when I find the mobile phone cable…


Hello World!!

So why has another person decided to write a blog? Because I think the traditional approach of writing in your journal before you go to bed, is something that would benefit people, including myself, and that an online method is far more practical, flexible and dynamic. It allows you to keep track of your life and show it off to others. So I better have something good to write about!

What am I? My statistics are: recently submitted PhD in Ecology, white British, female, mid/late twenties. Who am I? Someone who is trying to crack the job market and lead there own life and aspirations. Where am I? Currently based in Luton – the transient melting pot of England, and living with my parents (sigh, freedom comes at a cost). Having lived in Brighton (best city in England) and York (too small and narrow-minded for me), I would like to live my own life again, when the conservatives allow me too. How am I? Middling thank-you for asking. I can’t be a student any more, so I best grow-up, and this blog hopefully will help….