• Fernandez-Orozco, R., Li, L., Harflett, C. Shewry, P. R., and Ward, J. L. (2010). Effects of environment and genotype on phenolic acids in wheat in the HEALTHGRAIN diversity screen. J. Ag. Food. Chem. 58. (17). 9341-9352.

  • Li, L., Harflett, C., Beale, M. H., and Ward, J. L. (2009). Chapter 5: Phenolic Acids. In: P.R. Shewry & J. L. Ward eds. HEALTHGRAIN Methods: Analysis of Bioactive Components in Small Grain Cereals. AACC International (Minnesota).


Associated Publications:

  • Cussans J, Goulson D, Sanderson R, Goffe L, Darvill B, et al. (2010) Two Bee-Pollinated Plant Species Show Higher Seed Production when Grown in Gardens Compared to Arable Farmland. PLoS ONE 5(7): e11753. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0011753



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